About The New Diary 100 Days of Gratitude Journal

They say that gratitude is the best attitude. As of fact this is not to be wrong; gratitude is just as important as your well-being and it has
a huge influence on our everyday life and our well-being in general. Gratitude is a network of thoughts, appreciations, awareness and

reflection that all interferesand influence each other.


Practising gratitude every day comes with many benefits; not only will you become more positive, develop your mindset into one of
positivity and get more in touch with your inner self, you will also give your life an overall boost. 



Gratitude, when practised regurlarly, will influence your emotional state of mind.

It will make you focus on he things that truly matter to you and make you enjoy the little things in life, not just a bit, but a lot more. 

You will feel more 'good' feelings and become more aware of yourself. 

You will probably experience that you will increase your self-esteem - and that you will have a positive impact on the people surrounding you. 
You will be able to see the positive in every little thing in your life - and most likely eliminate your negative energy from your life. 
You might become more social, given that you will most likely enjoy the company of like-minded. 
You will experience that you will become aware of your goals in life; what you truly want and desire for yourself and the people you care about. 
You will become more realistic in terms of your to-do's and your career.
You will experince that you will become better at planning your day, your week and your month. 
You will increase your productivity. 
You will ultimately become a happier person, that's the true benefit and it's overall purpose. 


The 100 Days of Gratitude contains 100 page-a-day with the possibility of expressing your gratitude and why you are grateful, which is

just as important. Furthermore it will allow you to add additional though and notes on every page as well as you will be abe to write down

your notes at the last few pages. 

The 100 Days of Gratitude is a pocket size journal just to fit into almost any handbag, which will allow you to express your gratitude

during the day.