About The New Diary 12 Week Goal Planner

It is easy to procrastinate. Procrastinate your to do’s & instead meet up with friends for a glass of wine & spend your night in wonderful company.

It is tempting when you constantly need to balance your life regarding your own ‘wants’, your family, workout, friends, work & your other priorities.

When you don’t get done what need to get done, or you don’t get to work or do the things you truly want to, you beat yourself up

about it & sees the loss of working on your goals falling apart. 
But is that really you? No. You are someone who knows, what you want. No matter what it might be; working on your healthy habits, getting

that position at work you’ve always dreamt of, starting your own business as an entrepreneur, making more time for the kids, your partner or

for ‘me-time’, you know that it will do you good. Ultimately it will lead to an abundance of happiness, and know doesn’t want that? 
You know that you will work for what you want. You will roll up your sleeves & accept the challenge or change that you have set up for yourself.

And you will stay motivated. It is much easier to keep focus and stay motivated when you are working on your goals within a short time frame.

This short amount of time will help you keep your focus as well as your motivation, given that your goals seem more attainable – it will be

manageable & you will be able to create your own time frame & set your goals from day to day & do a weekly overview. It will keep you

motivated & you will immediately feel the productiveness rising from within you & the goal setter that you truly are will show it’s true self. 
The New Diary 12 Week Goal Planner will allow you to work on one or more superior goals simultaneously as well as it will allow you to work on

daily goals during the 12 weeks.



Read the inspiration pages in order to “Stay Inspired & Keep Focus”. These inspirational will give you a small reminder on what you can

implement in your everyday in order to keep your inspiration and your focus on 100% every day. See them as reminders on what will keep

your happiness on atop level & on how to get your every day to-do’s done in the most productive way.



Allow yourself to reflect upon your future. Reflect upon what you visions & your dreams are, what they consist of & of what exactly your dream 

is in regards to your superior goal. Reflect upon where you would like to be in your life both personally & professionally now & in your future. 

What is your biggest dream? This will allow you to reflect upon your life as it is today & on how to get where you really want to be.



Define your goal! What is your superior goal? Do you want to run a half-marathon? Read 24 book in 12 weeks? Eat clean, healthy and nourishing

meals throughout the day? Cut down on work in order to follow your dream? Start your own business & become an entrepreneur? Do your homework

every single day and aim for good grades? Keep up with blogging on a daily basis? Focus on your relationship with your partner & make time for

special things to do together? Plan activities with your children every day in order to spend more time together? Save money for that next adventure

you’d like to go on? Whatever it may be, define your goal as specific as you can & then simplify it in one sentence. In this way your goal become more

attainable & uncomplicated, even though it might involve many things to do during the 12 weeks.



Reflect upon what truly makes you happy. It is important to implement things that make you happy every week, in order to spend time on what you

really enjoy. If you enjoy mountain biking, make write it down & make time for it once in a while. If you get a happiness-kick out of knitting; make

time for it! Or make time for cooking lavish dinners and cakes if that’s what makes you happy. Reflect upon what you would like to implement in your

everyday or once a week & plan for it. Go back to this page once in a while, take a look & remember to put it into your schedule.



Every week begins with a weekly overview. This will simplify your to-do’s in

order to keep it simple & not overwhelming by the things you need to get done.



Either the night before or in the morning, write down what you look forward to today.

Write down your main focus and remind yourself of your superior goal – why you do what you do.

This will keep you on track given that you alwayswill be able to think of your goal, what it brings you & why you will benefit from it.

It will your productivity on a top level & prevent you from procrastinating. 
Write down your to-do’s of the day. Simply specify your to-do’s from the weekly overview – at this point it is more than okay to go into details with

your to-do’s in order to make it to your goal. Doing the laundry might not be essential to starting your own business, as well as it might if your

goal is different. Be specific and define your to-do’s in short in order to keep an overview. Do the most important task first & along

the way get to the others. 
Your agenda might be your appointment at the hairdresser’s or a meeting. Again; separate the two in order to make it as manageable

as possible. 
Reflect upon your day. Did it go as you planned for? Do you need to remember something or tomorrow? Did you do good? Did you eat your greens?

Do you have any advice for yourself? Is there any quotes that sums up your day? Do you need to remind yourself to keep on track? 
Write down what you are proud of! Important one. In order to make progress you must focus on what you did well, where you stood out or what you

got done that seemed difficult. This will keep you focused, motivated & productive. 
Take notes on your progress. What do you need to work on? What did you do that was good & what have you experienced that you need to work

on or put an extra effort into? Did something unexpected come up which you need to look into & work on, or did you have a rewarding meeting

for your advantage?
Write down your gratitude each & every day. Keep in mind that “gratitude builds a bridge to abundance” & remember to express what you are grateful

for the given day. 
Write down what your hopes are for tomorrow. Did you just get a great idea that you need to look into? Or did something pop up? Reflect upon your

hopes for the day after, in this way you will even the day before feel motivated to get started again.


On every opposite page of every day you will find a blank page.

This will allow you to take extra notes, draw or sketch out your plans – or even keep it as a diary.



Every week ends with a weekly reflection. This is too an important one to do, given that it will allow you reflect upon your achievements, what you

have learned & gained, what you can do better & how you can improve. It is a good way to track your progress & become even better at what you

do in order to ultimately reach your goal.



At the end of your 12 week journey you would want to sum it up by reflecting upon what you have gained, if you reached your goal or if your goal

has changed. Even your outlook on our life & future may have changed, given that you will experience that you are capable of so much more

than you thought. Reflect upon your next goal: reaching a goal always gives you a taste for reaching more of what you want – it will keep your

motivation high & even let you dream bigger. You will be surprised of what you thought you were able to do & what you really are able to achieve!




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