About us

The New Diary is a not just a company, a diary or a journal; it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will provide you with the mind of a goal setter and a grateful heart. Without gratitude we cannot live in harmony, and without doing the things we love, doing something for ourselves or without setting goals for ourselves in order to attain our dreams, we cannot live in abundace and happiness. Happiness is one of the keys to a wonderful life which is what The New Diary is all about; reaching out for and living our dreams, striving for happiness by creating the life we truly want to live and keep setting goals and doing our best in order to succeed in every aspect of our life. 


The New Diary was created by Anna Ellegaard on a warm day of summer in June 2016. The idea had been running around her head for several years & on that particular summer day it was time to grab the idea and create something serious with it. 
Sketches had been made throughout the years and by combining them, adding something new and erasing something else, The New Diary 12 Week Planner came along. The process in making the diary, sketching, drawing, brainstorming, selecting colours and developing new ideas and thoughts, was underway for quite some time and by March 2017 the diary was finally printed.