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The New Diary 12 Week Goal Planner focuses on your opportunity not only to reflect upon your life but too on how to react on your dreams. 

The New Diary 12 Week Goal Planner will help you embrace and cultivate happiness, positive thinking, gratitude, self-development and the art of goal setting, embracing a positive outlook and attitude along the way.


The practices in The New Diary 12 Week Goal Planner will help you towards a more positive mindset in your every day life. It will increase your self-esteem, help you towards getting things done and dreaming bigger, while reaching for your goals and staying positive. 

The New Diary 12 Weeks Goal Planner is made of 

  • A5 format to fit into any handbag
  • 120 grams white paper
  • Textured hard cover
  • Embossed gold foil logo
  • A silver-white reading band & a headband
  • Designed & printed in Denmark

The New Diary 12 Weeks Goal Planner consists of


  • 12 weeks of daily goals, reflection, notes on your progress & gratitude
  • A motivational & inspirational quote for each day
  • A weekly overview to keep things simple
  • A weekly reflections that allows you to trach your achievements, your lessons & what to improve
  • Tips on how to stay inspired & focused
  • Space for reflections on your future & your dreams
  • Reflections on what truly makes you happy
  • Space for your notes
  • A final page which allows you to reflect upon the past 12 weeks


The New Diary 12 Weeks Goals Planner will

  • Allow you to write down your goals and dreams
  • Help you reflect upon your dreams and goals as well as on your future
  • Help you work your way towards your goals step by step, day by day, week by week
  • Allow you a perspective on your weekly goals and achievements and ways to, by self-reflection, improve
  • Integrate things in your life that will increase your happiness and self-awareness
  • Allow you the possibility to start your day off with a positive thought
  • Help you on your way to self-reflection with will cultivate inner peace, self-awareness and happiness
  • Allow you to reflect on your progress, tracking your way towards your goal(s)
  • Make you more aware of your own, personal mindset and allow you to build mental strength and adopt a mindset of growth
  • Teach you to see the positive in every situation
  • Allow you to reflect on your weeks and the lessons learned
  • Allow you to express your daily gratitude